935 - Mysterium des Weltalls
Mysteries of the Universe
Clark Darlton

On the Karma, Ernst Ellert receives psychic impulses urging him to kill Ashdon. Acrobath prevents this from happening and shortly thereafter, they reach an unknown galaxy and find blue creatures that lead them toward a place in space littered with wrecked spaceships. The Blue Wanderers are in conflict with a race of humanoids called the Volcanos over the ownership of the wreck cemetery, called Tacintherkol.

Once again, Ellert receives signals from It and as he feels the urge to kill his host again, Harno appears and rescues the double concept. Harno left from Alkyra II and guided by It's impulses, arrived in Tacintherkol. Harno takes Ellert in the middle of Tacintherkol. Harno designates Acrobath as the guardian of Tacintherkol and assigns him the task to maintain the peace between the Volcanos and the Blue Wanderers. The Karma resumes it course.

Cedric Beust 2003-08-13

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