933 - Ariolcs Vermächtnis
Ariolc's Legacy
H.G. Francis

On Ariolc's fortress, the Disassemblers are already at work. They have managed to reassemble the project, which was broken down in several thousand parts, and the fortress is now back in normal space. However, Ariolc trapped the projector and installed a device that projects his personality on anyone inside the castle. Slowly, everyone, including the chief of the disassembler team, Jagur, starts believing they are Ariolc.

The Base arrives on Ariolc's wheel-shaped fortress and notices installations that makes Rhodan think that the castle might be equipped to communicate with the Cosmocrats. An initial commando led by Ras Tschubai is soon victim of the psychic trap and Rhodan decides to send Pucky to sort out the situation.

Jagur, who finally realizes what is happening on the fortress thanks to a spacesuit he found that seems to make him immune to the radiation, concludes an alliance with Rhodan. Unfortunately, the Ilt also becomes a victim of the radiation and he decides to conquer the Base.

Cedric Beust 2003-08-13

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