932 - Statue der Macht
The Statue of Power
Kurt Mahr

Rhodan is transfered on Green Darkness again and materializes near the statue. When he reveals that he's already been here, the statue decides that he is an intruder and attempts to kill him by provoking explosions. Rhodan escapes and returns to his normal continuum soon thereafter. He notices that he is back twelve seconds before he left and concludes that he is going through a paradox-free time transmitter.

Rhodan is transfered on Green Darkness a third time but this time, he asked Hamiller to give him a time delayed bomb. He places the bomb near the statue and runs away from the explosions. As the bomb is about to explode, Rhodan notices Atlan on the planet, who has also just been transfered here. He warns his friend just in time and the statue finally explodes.

However, as the green sun sets, the two men realize that they are no longer being transfered back to their normal continuum. They realize that the third eye of the statue was probably responsible for the transfer. They find it in the rubbles and manage to return to their normal continuum, where Hamiller has finally found a way to get rid of their devastating aura. However, Rhodan and Atlan lose all memory of their stay in the strange universe.

Cedric Beust 2003-08-12

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