931 - Das strahlende Gefängnis
The Energetic Prison
Kurt Mahr

After unvoluntarily destroying partially the fortress, Atlan and Rhodan are now floating helplessly in space, still surrounded by their powerful aura. Rhodan's energetic aura reacts to the radiations emitted by a nearby sun called Mofura and he suddenly disappears. He rematerializes in the middle of a desert on an unidentified planet orbiting around a brown sun and a green one. Rhodan notices that his aura has disappeared. He baptizes the planet Green Darkness and after walking for a short while, he finds the statue of a female humanoid with a third eye on her forehead. When the green sun sets, Rhodan is cast back in normal space and his aura is restored. He also notices that only a few milliseconds have gone by, even though he spent several hours on Green Darkness.

On the Base, Hamiller designs a device similar to the one they once used to communicate with the Accalauries. They manage to communicate with Atlan and Rhodan briefly and using a bipolar field, the Base surrounds the two men with a protective aura allowing all of them to dematerialize through the linear space, as the spaceship of the Disassemblers finally open fire on the Base. They are now headed toward Mofura, which Hamiller suspects has something to do with what is happening to Atlan and Rhodan.

Cedric Beust 2003-08-06

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