93 - Der Feind im Dunkel
Enemy In The Dark
Kurt Mahr

On Opghan, in the Ep-Hog System, the robot Ptal, in the service of the Arkonide Imperium, is attacked and destroyed by an unknown attacker. The Terran cruiser FINMARK is sent to investigate the “murder” of Ptal on this aquatic world which is inhabited by the amphibious Ephogers. After landing on Opghan, part of the FINMARK’s crew rebels for unknown reasons.

The Terrans become prisoners of the Springers and Aras who installed a secret base on Opghan. They learn that the Ephogers are the product of genetic manipulations begun a long time ago by the Aras on the original Arkonide colonists without their knowledge. From the undersea Psimo forests, the Galactic Physicians are now extracting a precious drug which is responsible for the behavior of the FINMARK’s crew. With the help of three Ephogers, the Terrans free themselves. Perry Rhodan and the Terran battleship BARBAROSSA appear in the Ep-Hog System, attracted by a radio call from the FINMARK, and put an end to the plots of the Aras and Springers on Opghan.

Michael Mahoney 2012-09-15

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