929 - Die Demonteure
The Disassemblers
William Voltz

On Partoc's fortress, a team of robots sent by the Cosmocrats and called Disassemblers are busy trying to reactivate a device destined to bring the fortress back in normal space so that it can be returned to the Matter Sources. They encounter a few difficulties because Partoc somehow managed to discover the device and neutralized it.

The Base arrives near Partoc's fortress and despite the presence of the Disassemblers, Rhodan, Atlan and Laire land on the small asteroid, which turns out to be much smaller than the other cosmic fortresses they have visited so far. Atlan and Rhodan reach the place where Ganerc-Callibso buried Partoc while Laire distracts the blue androids. As Rhodan finally finds the key, the Disassemblers finish their job and the fortress starts moving.

The fortress emerges in normal space and when the androids notice the Base, they withdraw toward their mothership and observe from there. A Terran commando is sent on the fortress but Atlan and Rhodan are nowhere to be found. Pucky cannot even detect their mental impulses.

Cedric Beust 2003-08-06

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