928 - Solo für einen Androiden
Solo for an Androide
Ernst Vlcek

The Milky Way is being shaken by extremely powerful space tremors, developing more than 1000 g's at their epicenter and propagating throughout the galaxy at the speed of light. The Terrans arrest a mysterious androide on the Earth, which Tifflor suspects to be part of the aliens that recently appeared in the Milky Way, which Dalanja Tharpo confirms.

Questioned by Tifflor, the androide reveals that the current events are the manifestation of an operation that aims at destroying this sector of the universe. The tremors originate from a Source of Matter being manipulated, but the androide refuses to reveal anything more and it self destroys.

Hergo-Zovran officially announces the departure of the Loowian fleet back to Alkyra 2.

Cedric Beust 2003-07-31

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