926 - Das Ladonnia-Psychod
The Ladonnia Psychode
H.G. Ewers

Nistor arrives on Zalterteppe and selects a few Sigans for the forthcoming expedition, among which Vavo Rassa and Rayn Verser.

Roctin-Par arrives on the Earth with a psychode baptized Nymph. He gives it to Julian in order to take the Terran under Margor's influence, but the three mutants Howatzed, Vapido and Gedan realize the danger in time and destroy the psychode.

On Mars, the Loowians launch their expedition with six Sigans, Nistor, Barya Gherol and Burnetto-Kup, the commander of the spaceship. Their first mission is to find and rescue Pankha-Skrin.

Lethos finally emerges from his dreaming state and with the help of his spaceship, he manages to neutralize the psychode. Not seeing any point in him staying in this universe any longer, Lethos uses the psychode to access a superior step of evolution, along with a race of people called the Zaphars. Lethos' Eternity ship is hurled into a sun.


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