925 - Boten der Finsternis
Messengers of Darkness
H.G. Ewers

Three Halutians under the influence of Margor take the psychode from Ladonnia on board their spaceship, the Onos, and head toward Varsok, an Etrusian colony. When they arrive there, all the Etrusians soon fall under the influence of the psychode.

In the galaxy Chjenjenya, Tengri Lethos is investigating a situation where all the inhabitants of the planets Luria have starved to death, hypnotized by an unknown stranger. Lethos receives a call for help from Omar Hawk, who tells him about the parapsychic manipulations happening there. Lethos leaves toward the Milky Way but his eternity ship is damaged during the trip. He finally arrives on Varsok where he finds the psychode of Ladonnia. He takes it on board but the psychic influence of the artifact is too strong for him and he loses consciousness, entering a state of dream.

In the Solar System, Tifflor learns the Nistor, the Loowian Helk, is ont its way toward Zalterteppe in order to pick up Sigans for the forthcoming expedition toward the Matter Sources.

Cedric Beust 2003-07-31

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