924 - Lockruf der Psychode
The Call of the Psychodes
Ernst Vlcek

Back on his homeworld, Zwottertracht, Boyt Margor realizes that the psychodes he destroyed when he left were actually fakes. The real ones were hidden somewhere in the mountains by a Vincranian called Zalinorg. They find a couple of psychodes, one of them being the one that originated the Dancing Virgin.

On Gaia, Hotrenor-Taak, still under Margor's influence, organizes a psychode exhibition which soon allows Margor to take everone under his control, including Roctin-Par. Margor learns that Gota, his female companion, is expecting a baby from her. Furious, Margor chases her and the woman, considerably weakened by the psychode radiations, eventually dies.

Margor manages to locate the galactic position of Iota-Tempesto and he organizes a vast migration across the Milky Way to have all his paraslaves gathered in the dark cloud.

Cedric Beust 2003-07-31

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