923 - Panik im Hyperraum
Panic in Hyperspace
Ernst Vlcek

Now that the Gys-Voolberah are prospering on Targfriffe, Hotrenor-Taak heads back to the Sol System with a metamorph on board.

In the now sealed hyperspace bubble, the paraslave scientists have created a device allowing them to regulate the angry tempers of the Tempestians. When Baya rematerializes inside the bubble, she actually appears on Iota-Tempesto where a paraslave gives her the Eye, which almost killed him when he tried to use it.

When Boyt Margor tries to collapse all the hyperspace bubbles into a big one, the stability breaks down and they all rematerialize on board Hotrenor-Taak's spaceship. Margor immediately makes him a paraslave, along with his crew. Then they head for Provcon-Faust.

Baya Margor arrives on Mars where she returns the Eye to the Loowians, and she advises Hergo-Zovran to take Sigans along with them when they finally take the trip to the Matter Sources. After the events on Zalterteppe, Baya thinks that the little humanoids will be very useful for this mission.

Cedric Beust 2003-07-31

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