921 - Kontakt auf Scharzo
Contact on Scharzo
Clark Darlton

Ernst Ellert/Gorsty Ashdon arrive in the galaxy Krakhol, 700,000 light years from Ganuhr, where they are soon attracted toward a bright light source coming from a planet they call Scharzo. The humanoid civilization on Scharzo is experiencing economic problems and Ellert accepts to advise them in exchange for spare parts for their spaceship, which they baptized Karma.

When he gazes inside the light source, Ellert leaves the common body and is drawn in an area of space made of indistinct energetic entities. Then he returns on Scharzo where he merges again with Ashdon. The double concept leaves Scharzo and resumes his quest for It.

Cedric Beust 2003-07-30

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