918 - Das Grab des Mächtigen
The Grave of the Mighty One
William Voltz

Pankha-Skrin escapes and helps Rhodan and Atlan to break free as well. The Terrans identify him as a descendant of the people who stole Laire's eye.

Ganerc-Callibso finds the resting place of his brother along with the attachment. Lorvorc's dead body is inside a transparent pyramid and as Ganerc gets ready to leave, an army of two hundred robots appear. Their leader confuses Ganerc with Lorvorc and gives some explanations on the past.

Fearing the retaliation from the Cosmocrats, Lorvorc decided to pass as dead. He committed suicide but implanted his cells inside the unsuspecting Cerveraux, who then started an unexpected metamorphosis. Ganerc-Callibso meets with Rhodan and Atlan as they are negociating with Cerveraux, but he arrives too late: the metamorphosis kills him and Ganerc-Callibso is powerless to stop it.

The Mighty One gives Pankha-Skrin the eye attachment that he found and he is surprised to see that the Source Master already has one attachment. When the Source Master finally manages to contact his compatriots, he gives Rhodan the coordinates of the Kairaquola, and the Terran is dumbfounded when he realizes that this location is none else than the Solar System.

Laire realizes that his eye has to be in the Solar System but despite his request to fly back there, Rhodan decides to head for Partoc's cosmic fortress instead.

Cedric Beust 2003-07-30

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