917 - Grenze im Nichts
Frontier in the Void
William Voltz

Pankha-Skrin rematerializes in Lorvorc's castle, which is totally devastated. He is captured by robots who obey the orders of an entity called Cerveraux, who has been in hiding for millenia. Recently, Cerveraux started undergoing a metamorphosis but he doesn't understand why.

When Ganerc-Callibso realizes that the spaceship that just arrived is none elst than the Base, he makes contact with Rhodan and joins the Terrans on board. He has now realized that his mistake on the Plane has cost him immortality, which is probably the reason why he can no longer find the cosmic fortresses. When Ganerc-Callibso tells Rhodan about the transmitter, they decide to head for Lorvorc's fortress.

When they reach their destination, Atlan, Rhodan and Ganerc-Callibso decide to find the fortress themselves, hoping that their immortality will help them. Flying a shuttle, they cross an invisible frontier and Lorvorc's castle appears before their eyes. They are soon captured by Cerveraux but Ganerc-Callibso, helped by his Suit of Annihilation, manages to escape.

Cedric Beust 2003-07-30

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