916 - Der Quellmeister und die Bestie
The Source Master and the Beast
Kurt Mahr

Pankha-Skrin finally finds the Kukelstuuhr, which is a giant lizard that Murcon once created to keep himself alive. On top of the head of the beast is a small container that Pankha-Skrin identifies as one of the attachments to the Matter Sources. The Loowian picks up one of the attachments and flees, as he is being attacked by the spirits of the four privateers who are still trying to take revenge upon Murcon. Pankha-Skrin finds the transmitter that connects Murcon's fortress to Lorvorc's. The transmitter lets him through but kills the privateers.

Ganerc-Callibso arrives in the vicinity of Murcon's castle, and even though he feels the impulses from his brother, the cosmic fortress is nowhere to be found. He notices a planet in the vicinity and after heading there, meets with a colony of the Loowians, where he introduces himself as Callibso, a servant of the Mighty Ones. After a short conversation, he identifies them as the Ruin People and realizes that he is on the right way. Suddenly, Murcon's impulses disappear as a giant ship appears near the fortress.

Cedric Beust 2003-07-30

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