915 - Murcons Vermächtnis
Murcon's Legacy
Kurt Mahr

Pankha-Skrin learns about the existence of a forbidden zone inside the asteroid where nobody is allowed. He heads in this direction, convinced that this is where he will find the missing device allowing him to open the Matter Source with the Eye. On the way, his companion is attacked by a bodyless creature that seems to feed of emotions. After being submitted to several tests, Pankha-Skrin finally receives a message from Murcon who tells him his story.

In a distant past

Murcon rescues a privateer called Arqualov from a wreck and brings him into his fortress. Arqualov asks Murcon to also help more of his compatriots, including his beloved, Irritt. Several decades go by and as the privateers prosper in the fortress, Murcon finally offers to give them a fleet of spaceship so they can go back home. Then the Mighty leaves to respond to the Call.

When he comes back, the privateers, who now call themselves Zaphorians, have laid out a trap for the Mighty. His spaceship explodes but Arqualov realizes that Murcon knew about the trap ahead of time and he suspects the Mighty to somehow have found a way back inside his fortress. With five of his compatriots, he goes after Murcon in the depths of the asteroid but Murcon ambushes them and turns them into bodyless creatures to punish them for their acts. They are condemned to entertain Murcon for the eternity.

The privateers find a way to break free but again, Murcon is one step ahead of them and he punishes them by giving Irritt as food to a reptilian creature he created called Kukelstuuhr. The other five privateers are condemned to create mental torment to the citizens of the fortress so they can feed off it.

Cedric Beust 2003-07-17

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