912 - Die Truppe der Berserker
The Troupe of the Berserkers
Ernst Vlcek

Tifflor captures one of Margor's paraslaves and learns about the existence of the hyperspace bubbles that the mutant created. He decides to lay out a trap for Margor: the Helk is left unguarded, except for two Sigans, and when Margor teleports on board, he is convinced that he has outwitted the Terrans and he kidnaps the Helk, who has now realized that Margor possesses the Eye.

Tifflor finally informs the Loowians about the presence of the Gondervold in the Solar System.

Back on Jota-Tempesto, Margor learns that the Tempestians have a very short lifespan, a direct consequence of their unpredictable violence outbursts. Margor learns from an Arra that the Tempestians were manipulated several decades ago by the Galactic Doctors in an attempt to create an army against the Larens. Back then, a dwarf arrived on Jota-Tempesto with a statue, which later became the Tempestians' divinity. The statue turned out to be a psychod, similar to the one that Margor carries around his neck.

Margor brings fifty Tempestians in one of his hyperspace bubbles but Nistore was waiting for him there. He immobilizes the mutant, seizes the Eye and leaves the bubble with Baya, leaving Margor stuck in hyperspace.

Cedric Beust 2003-07-15

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