911 - Der Helk des Quellmeisters
The Helk of the Source Master
Ernst Vlcek

Boyt has now managed to create five hyperspace bubbles and he attempts to have a bomb explode in the Loowian's Park of the Nine Towers. The attempt fails and Margor must flee. Finally convinced that the mutant stole the eye, Hergo-Zovran accepts to negociate with the Terrans and sends Goran-Vran as an ambassador.

Margor keeps exploring new planets with his teleportation skills and he finally finds a race of humans who seem to have very aggressive tendencies on a planet he calls Jota-Tempesto. The Tempestians have a very strong affinity with Margor's psychod, which he is still wearing as an amulet.

Meanwhile, the Gondervold, the Source Master's spaceship, has arrived in the solar system. Completely out of energy, it is captured by a Terran spaceship and taken to a secret base on one of Saturn's moons. The Terrans manage to talk with Nistor, the Source Master's Helk, who turns out to be relatively friendly toward this unknwown race that speaks its language.

Margor learns about the Gondervold from one of his paraslaves and sends a few Tempestians on the secret base. The attempt to capture the Helk fails and the Tempestians are killed during the operation.

Cedric Beust 2003-07-15

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