91 - Ernst Ellerts Rückkehr
Ernst Ellert Returns!
Clark Darlton

On Druufon, the capital of the Druufs, the physicist Onot, who shelters the mind of Ernst Ellert, is stopped by the police and is incarcerated in a cell. After having spent two days and three nights there, Ellert leaves his host's body and goes to Onot's secret lab in order to recover the metallic sheet containing the plans of the linear propulsion. He succeeds in this task by taking control of a police officer. Back in the body of Onot, he makes him activate a transmitter placed in his left arm.

The signal is received on Hades. The mutant announces that he is having difficulty controling Onot.

On 5 August 2044, Perry Rhodan is on Arkon III where he is preparing to return to Earth. Made aware by Marshal Freyt of the alert sent from the base on Hades, he immediately leaves for the Druuf universe. Onot is brought before some Druuf judges and Ellert tries at all costs to stop him from revealing that he is manipulated by a Terran mind. The body of Ernst Ellert, still stored in the mausoleum under the Gobi desert, shows signs of decomposition. It is brought by the quickest means available to Hades.

Onot is facing twelve judges and Ellert cannot control Onot's mind except for short periods of time. The events are followed from Hades thanks to Harno who broadcasts the pictures. Perry Rhodan, Ras Tschubai, Manoli and Pucky arrive on Druufon on board of a Gazelle whIch is hidden away in a narrow valley. They have brought the body of Ellert with them on the Gazelle.

While manipulating the mind of several guards, Ellert succeeds in allowing Onot to escape from the prison. He has Onot seize a glider in the spaceport. The glider is pursued by a squadron but the mutant succeeds in ridding himself of them. When he arrives at the secret laboratory, Onot is stopped by two dozen Druufs. He is placed in a glider which is to return him to the capital. The unusual powers of Ellert, revived by the proximity of his body, now allow him to take control of several Druufs at the same time and he manages to divert the glider. This time a global alarm is triggered.

Pucky locates Ellert and teleports to the Gazelle. Ellert keeps a promise he made to Onot and erases parts of his memory so that he will ultimately be found innocent by the judges. He then enters Pucky who teleports back to the Gazelle with the plans for the linear propulsion. The Gazelle reaches the base on Hades and all personnel of the base flee by matter transmitter to the DRUSUS in time before the Druuf vessels appear and destroy the base. Ernst Ellert recovers his body, although he lacks the right arm, the process of decomposition having been too far along. An artificial arm will be made to replace it.

Michael Mahoney 2012-08-31

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