908 - Aura des Friedens
Aura of Peace
William Voltz

Rhodan brings Dorania on the Pan-Thau-Ra and her aura of peace soon affects the Anskians. Initially hostile, they accept to meet with Rhodan and after he tells them about the history of their people, they acknowledge their new queen.

Laire tells Rhodan that he intends to move the Pan-Thau-Ra completely in hyperspace so that the biophores on board never become a threat, but after the negociations with the Anskians finally lead to a peace on the spore ship, he changes his mind and decides to use the Pan-Thau-Ra to look for his eye.

Rhodan manages to persuade Laire to come with them instead and he promises to use all the Terran resources to assist him in his quest. Laire finally accepts and reveals to Rhodan that the powers beyond the Matter Sources are called the Cosmocrats. The Terrans leave the spore ship which disappears in hyperspace soon thereafter with the Anskians on board.

Back on the Base, Roi Danton tells Rhodan that he intends to leave him to stay with Demeter. Rhodan decides to delay the departure of the Base for ten days.

Cedric Beust 2003-07-09

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