907 - Das Weltraumbaby
The Space Baby
Marianne Sydow

Back on the Sol, Rhodan learns about the existence of an impenetrable area of the spaceship. The Solanians seem to be afraid of what is happening inside but they refuse to tell Rhodan what it is about. When Gavro Yaal learns that Rhodan intends to move Seneca to the Base before returning the Sol to the Solanians, he tries to start the Sol and leave Rhodan behind, but Seneca foils his plan.

The Solanians finally tell Rhodan that Helma Buhrlo expects a baby in the mysterious area. Rhodan agrees to leave Seneca on board. The young woman gives birth to a strange-looking baby who dies shortly thereafter.

With only Solanians on board, the Sol departs.

Cedric Beust 2003-07-08

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