905 - Sendboten des Alles-Rads
Emissaries of the Universal Wheel
H.G. Francis

Perry Rhodan, Demeter and Plondfair reach the Torgnisch system and inform the Lufkians about the true nature of the Universal Wheel. The news is greeted with skepticism but soon confirmed after a quick excursion on the moons of Valgerspahre. Seeing their power threatened, the Kryn priests sabotage Rhodan's shuttle and kidnap him and Demeter when they land on Starscho.

The spaceship Tundra leaves the Base and heads for the planet Datmyr-Urgan, where it will pick up the queen Dorania who accepted to assist the Terrans in getting rid of the Anskians on the Pan-Thau-Ra.


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