904 - Murcons Burg
Murcon's Fortress
Kurt Mahr

Pankha-Skrin learns that the Zaphorians used to be space nomads. They were once invited by Murcon in his fortress and decided to take it over. Since then, their civilization has degenerated and only a small fraction, called the Techno-Trackers, is able to manipulate some of the technical installations. They have tried several times to leave the Fortress but every time, their flight in space ends up back in the fortress. The Zaphorians hope that the Source Master can help them escape from the asteroid.

During his exploration, Pankha-Skrin discovers the existence of a being in the fortress who seems to feed off emotional distress. Chaos and fights break off as the various tribes of Zaphorians try to kidnap Pankha-Skrin. The Source Master finally addresses them all and explains that he need to pursue his researches for the Eye attachments alone, but the Zaphorians keep on fighting.

As he is trying to escape, he meets with Tantha who offers to give him information about the past of the Zaphorians.

Cedric Beust 2003-07-08

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