903 - Der Quellmeister
The Source Master
Kurt Mahr

A Loowian fleet called the Kairaquola and led by the Source Master, Pankha-Skrin, is looking for the Matter Source. Pankha-Skrin is looking for four signs that indicate where the Source is: a special organ that Loowians have on the top of his head should start pulsating, the source should send a regular impulse, the space around the Source should have certain properties, and finally, he should find the seven Cosmic Fortresses of the Mighty Ones in the vicinity.

Pankha-Skrin has found three of these four signs, but the Fortresses are nowhere to be seen, and the Matter Source can only be entered if Laire's Eye is fitted on certain devices that can only be found inside the fortresses. Pankha-Skrin realizes that his fleet is being followed by strangers, and he decides to surrender in an attempt to find out what is going on. His successor, Burnetto-Kup, takes command of the fleet while Pankha-Skrin is captured by the mysterious followers.

Pankha-Skrin is taken on an asteroid about 80 km in diameter, occupied by a race called the Zaphorians, ruled by Boronzot. The Zaphorians think that Pankha-Skrin is a Landlord and when he is finally brought to Boronzot, he is kidnapped by another group of Zaphorians led by a female named Salsaparu. As she explains the situation to Pankha-Skrin, Salsaparu mentions the name Murcon, who is one of the seven Mighty Ones. Pankha-Skrin realizes that the asteroid is one of the Cosmic Fortresses.

Burnetto-Kup arrives in the solar system where he makes contact with his compatriots.

Cedric Beust 2003-07-07

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