902 - Das Mädchen und die Loower
The Girl and the Loowian
Ernst Vlcek

Goran-Vran receives the permission to wander freely in Imperium Alpha, and he decides to break all contact with Hergo-Zovran in order not to disclose Terran secrets to his compatriots.

Tifflor manages to capture Boyt Margor's secret base but the mutant is nowhere to be found, since he is hiding in a hyperspace bubble. Margor teleports on Mars where he joins forces with Baya's father, Hawan Gherol. The mutant kidnaps the girl and tries to have the Loowians believe that it was a Terran action.

Hergo-Zovran threatens to invade the Earth if Baya is not returned. Tifflor asks Goran-Vran to go to Mars and convince his compatriots of their innocence, but as the Loowian arrives on the red planet, he recognizes Boyt Margor and identifes the Eye that the mutant is carrying on his helmet. Hergo-Zovran finally believes the Terrans and withdraws his ultimatum.

Cedric Beust 2003-07-02

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