901 - Die Zweidenker
The Double Thinkers
Ernst Vlcek

The Loowians have finished building the nine towers on Mars and the Tower Watch, Hergo-Zovran, wants to understand the Terran mentality. He decides to send Goran Vran as an observer, who lost his entelekic sense when he severed the link between the Duade and the Loowian mothership. The Terrans take Goran Vran to Imperium Alpha where Jennifer Thyron and Ronald Tekener try to get information from him.

The Loowians decide to capture a family of Terrans in an effort to learn more about their mentality. They choose a family of four, whose younger daughter, Baya, seems to have developed an ability that looks like Entelekinesy.

As Boyt Margor is improving his skills at manipulating the Eye to travel between the various hyperspace bubbles he has created, he accidently manages to merge two bubbles into a bigger one. Stunned by this result, he starts wondering how far he could push this new talent.

Cedric Beust 2003-07-02

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