9 - Hilfe für die Erde
Help for the Earth
W.W. Shols

Note-ACE edition in the US titled The Wasp Men Attack

Having gained control of the abandoned Arkonide Venus base, Perry becomes familiar with its workings and discovers a fleet of Space Interceptors hidden away. These small, quick fighting machines will help in the defense of Earth. The pilots Nyssen, Deringhouse and Freyt are hypnotrained in their use.

As Rhodan leaves Venus, he receives word of a major Moind Snatcher invasion taking place. The Good Hope and it's Interceptor fleet find and destroy 2 MS ships but find a lifeboat has escaped.

On Earth, Perry finds there are 300 cases of possible MS victims. He stations his pilots in deep space to watch for additional ships and asks the positronic brain for suggestions on how to identify persons taken over by the MS. The MS presence is felt at Perry's base in the form of a small revolt. After then unrest is put down, a hunt for the MS bodies begins.

John Marshall is sent to Chicago where he meets with Clive Cannon, a ganglord possessed by the MS. The meeting with Cannon reveals that Homer Adams is a prime target of the MS. Cannon is taken to Perry who reveals that he has Cannon's original MindSnatcher body and will destroy it if the MS does not cooperate.

The possession of Homer Adams occurs but due to his mutant powers, his mind is not completely banished. He feels himself as an out of body presence. In this state he is able to detect the thoughts of the MS who has taken him over. The MindSnatchers have begun the conquest of New York. It is surrounded by an energy shield much like Perry's "radiant dome" The joining with the MS mind leads Adams to the storage area for their unconscious bodies.

With this information and a brainwave pattern detector perfected by the robt brain, Perry manages to find all of the MS possessed humans and force the aliens to give up their host bodies. The MindSnatchers are sent back to their homeworld with the understanding that they have found a race that can detect and defeat them.

Perry makes a major announcement to the nations of Earth about the threats facing the world from other invaders. The people of the Earth force their leaders to accept Rhodan and his 3rd Power.

Larry Eischen 2005-09-07

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