899 - Orkan im Hyperraum
Storm in Hyperspace
William Voltz

As they have finally cornered the Terrans, the Anskians receive the impulse from their queen and interrupt their attack. At the same time, Augustus tells Rhodan that he is in contact with an element inside the device that they left in the headquarters. They decide to return there as a storm is growin across the spore ship.

Korter Bell receives a telepathic message from inside the headquarters, and he finally realizes that the goal of the Terrans was to plant a device there. The voice tells him that the Universal Wheel and the Lard are the same entity, and that this entity is now in the headquarters. Bell dies before he gets a chance to identify where the mysterious voice comes from.

Rhodan discovers the dead bodies of the Anskians and the mysterious entity reveals itself. It's a robot that is two and half meter tall and has one missing eye. Rhodan remembers Bardioc's story and immediately understands who he is talking to: Laire.

Cedric Beust 2003-06-31

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