895 - Herren der PAN-THAU-RA
The Masters of the Pan-Thau-Ra
William Voltz

Augustus tries to get Alaska to go through a transmitter in an attempt to fix his defective mask. During the transfer, Alaska gets a vision of Kytoma who tells him it's the only way she found to contact him. Kytoma is looking for Kemoauc, still hoping that the Timeless could help her find her people.

Rhodan meets an Anskian who has deserted and accepts to help them. With his help, they reach the headquarters and leave the mysterious device inside. Rhodan notices a strange resemblance between the Anskians and a race that they discovered on the planet First Impression. Rhodan communicates this information to the Base and then, the Terrans retreat. The Anskians reconquer the headquarters but don't find anything.

Ganerc-Callibso reaches the Plan, which seems to be partially destroyed. He comes on board of a space station where he meets with an entity call Skrinus. Ganerc asks for the permission to enter a forbidden area of the Plan, which Skrinus grants him. Inside, Ganerc triggers a security device that tells him that he is not supposed to have access to this area, and that in punishment, he will no longer be allowed to return to his cosmic fortress.

When he attempts to return to his cosmic fortress, Ganerc realizes that it has disappeared.

Cedric Beust 2003-06-30

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