894 - Soldaten des LARD
Soldiers of the Lard
William Voltz

Perry Rhodan and the other Terrans, still posing as Suskohnians, are sent by the Asogens inside the Pale Border. Their mission is to bring an activating device inside the headquarters of the Pan-Thau-Ra. Alaska gets lost and sees a creature that he initially thinks is Douc Langur. When he realizes his error, he suddenly understands the origin of the researcher: in a distant past, the Empress of Therm must have come across a spore ship, and she used the spores to create her researchers. Alaska now understands why even though Langur eventually found his origin, he decided to keep it secret. Alaska's Cappin fragment starts reacting to the stay in hyperspace and under massive pain, Alaska accepts Augustus' help.

The Orbiter Zorg remembers his story.

On board of his spaceship, the Zyffo, Zorg faithfully follows his master, the Knight of the Abyss Igsorian of Veylt, into an area of space called Kinischau. Igsorian explains to Zorg that the Bilkottians have seized the scientific knowledge of another people, the Dohuuns, and they are now using this knowledge to wreak havoc on the other peoples. The Bilkottians attack Igsorian with gigantic organisms looking like energetic jellies. Taken by surprise, Veylt is forced to escape by turning his spaceship into a micro black hole. Zorg manages to escape and receives a last message from his master asking him to try to find him. Then Zorg realizes that he is now alone.

Zorg meets Rhodan and tells him his story. He decides to follow the Terrans because they are his only chance to pursue his quest after Igsorian of Veylt. He tells the Terrans about a legend that says that when the last Knight of the Abyss disappears, the stars will die.

The Anskians, led by their commander called Korter Bell, follow the progression of the Suskohnians without really feeling they represent a threat. Bell is confident that they can be stopped before they reach the headquarters. Recently, Bell has received vague telepathic messages coming from someone called Bruilldana who claims to be the queen of the Anskians. Later, he discovers a laboratory littered by dead bodies of his compatriots.

Cedric Beust 2003-06-12

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