892 - Facetten der Ewigkeit
Facets of Eternity
Ernst Vlcek

Tifflor sends Ronald Tekener and his wife, Jennifer Thyron, to negociate with the Loowians. Tekener tries to explain that they can't return the Eye right now because it is in Boyt Margor's hands, but the Loowians don't believe them. The Dyade manages to break free of its concealed prison and takes the Loowian crew under its command. However, a Loowian manages to severe the prison from the ships, destroying the protoplasmic entity.

The Loowians settle in the Solar System and start building a structure on Mars made of nine buildings, surrounded by an increasingly hostile Terran crowd.

The efforts of Vapido to convince Margor to return the Eye to the Loowians fail. Margor has now learned to use the Eye to its full power and he is able to teleport to any point on the Earth.

Cedric Beust 2003-06-11

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