891 - Geschenk der Götter
The Gift of the Gods
Hans Kneifel

Using the Eye, Margor is able to see what happened in the past.

In ancient Egypt, the pharaoh Chnemu Chufu, later renamed Kheops, was looking for a location where his body will be buried. His people was attracted to a plage where they uncovered the receptacle. They built the pyramids and the sphinx, under the influence of mental impulses emitted by the eye. The receptacle was then sealed inside the pyramid.

Vapido, Gedan and Howatzer manage to free one of Boyt's para-slave and after questioning her, realize that the mutant is now able to make anyone on Earth his slave, even remotely. At the same moment, the Loowian fleet materializes at the border of the Solar System with eighteen thousand spaceships.

Cedric Beust 2003-06-11

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