890 - Auge zum Hyperraum
The Eye of Hyperspace
Ernst Vlcek

With Niki's help, Boyt manages to open the mysterious receptacle. Inside, he finds a crystal shaped as an eye. Taking a look inside, Boyt gets the vision of a huge structure that is partially invisible. After some practice, he is able to use the Eye to create a hyperspace bubble where he can hide.

On Alkyra II, Panka-Srin, the Master of the Source, has managed to locate the Matter Source that the Eye opens. The Source has nine access points, which explains the reason why the Loowian civilization is based on this number. The Loowians are now gathering forces to attack the Earth, but they are diverted by an attack from the Dyade, which has now realized that it is a slave, and not a master as it used to believe, of the Loowians.

The Loowians negociate with the Dyade, which accepts to be taken on one of their ships in order to take part in the trip to the Earth. The Loowians receive an impulse telling them that the Eye has been opened for the second time.

Cedric Beust 2003-06-11

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