885 - Kampf in der PAN-THAU-RA
Fight on the Pan-Thau-Ra
William Voltz

Arquath frees Demeter, Plondfair, Ganerc-Callibso and Hytawath Borl, letting them know that the Anskians have ordered an attack on Quostoht. They all head toward a hangar in the Pan-Thau-Ra where they find a spaceship and take off to let Rhodan know about the events, why Ganerc-Callibso leaves with his own ship to meet them on the Base.

All these events on the Pan-Thau-Ra have been followed closely by a creature called Zorg the Orbiter. Zorg's history started in a distant past.

Zorg was living peacefully on the planet Buran among his compatriots, the Voghians. One day, a spaceship appeared and kidnapped him. On the mysterious spaceship, called the Zyffo, he was greeted by an android called Donnermann who told him he had been chosen to assist Igsorian of Veylt in his task. Igsorian of Veylt is a Knight of the Abyss, an order charged to maintain the order in the universe, but Zorg cannot get any more answers from the android.

Zorg goes through a training but unforeseen events separate him from the Zyffo and he ends up by himself on his own spaceship, the Pye, which has the ability to change form based on Zorg's will. During his quest to find Igsorian of Veylt, Zorg arrives in the Torgnisch system where he soon detects the anomaly caused by the Pan-Thau-Ra being split between hyperspace and the normal continuum. The Pye is soon captured by the Pan-Thau-Ra and Zolt is taken aboard where he's been a prisoner since then.

Demeter and the rest of the crew arrive on the Base where Ganerc-Callibso has preceded them. Rhodan learns the position of the Pan-Thau-Ra.

Cedric Beust 2003-05-27

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