882 - Brennpunkt Milchstraße
Focus Point: Milky Way
H.G. Ewers

Ytter and Nchr make contact with Gerziell while his compatriots are hiding with the Sword of God in another continuum. Another spaceship with Hotrenor-Taak, who's also been sent by Tifflor, arrives at the meeting and Gerziell attack them right away. Ytter and Nchr cast the three spaceships in the other continuum where Gerziell is finally forced to negociate.

On the Sword of God, the Oxtornian that the Metamorphs kidnapped, escapes and ends up in the engine of the spaceship and tampers with it, causing the whole device to disappear in a temporal gap.

The three spaceships reach a system made of eight planets and are soon attracted to a planet called Mandaba. The Metamorphs fall under the influence of the First Electronic Civilization while Ytter, Nchr and the 116 Gys-Voolberahs of the Sword of God enter Tlagalah, the Eternal City. Gerziell learns about the history of his people.

In a distant past, a small group of scientits engineered a new race capable of changing form at will. They named them Gys-Voolberah, the Invicibles, and gave them the ability to emit a subatomic gas that allowed them to absorb their victims' knowledge. However, the Gys-Voolberah turned out to be flawed genetically and the scientists tried to stop them from reproducing. They installed a psycho-barrier in their minds that makes them forget about their original shape. The flaw was fixed later, creating a split in the Gys-Voolberah civilization. The new generation left their original world, Uuft-Pynkh, and set on recreating the Tba.

The Sword of God finally returns to the normal continuum and, led by Geziell, who has known regained his original form, they realize that their attempts at recreating the Tba was misguided. Tifflor accepts to give them the planet Targriffe, where they settle. A few weeks later, Hotrenor-Taak visits the new colony and observes that all the Metamorphs settled on the planet have now regained their original form, which is similar to a human-sized red crystal.

Cedric Beust 2003-05-16

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