881 - Erbe des Tba
The Legacy of the Tba
H.G. Ewers

A group of Metamorphs led by Gerziell discover Uufthan-Pynk, the home galaxy of the Gys-Voolberahs. The main world, Gys-Progher, is totally abandoned and the only Gys-Voolberahs left have abandoned their corporal bodies. They give Gerziell a spaceship called the Sword of God and give him the coordinates of a galaxy where he is expected to restart the Tba. In August 3586, Gerziell reaches the rendezvous point which happens to be in the Magellan Clouds. Since nobody is there yet, Gerziell flies to the Milky Way and take possession of the Terran station Sharon Gold and the spaceship Bernard Lovell, which allows them to get vital information on the humanity.

On the Earth, two Metamorphs, Ytter and Nchr, are working in Imperium Alpha under the appearance of two Terrans. When they learn about the arrival in the Milky Way of a spaceship of their compatriots, they understand their intents and decide to block their efforts in an attempt to install a durable peace between Terrans and Metamorphs.

After kidnapping an Oxtornian, Gerziell realizes that Anson Argyris might be the key for the Gys Voolberahs to infiltrate the Terran government. Ytter and Nchr disclose their identity to Tifflor and offer to help as negociators between the two races.

Cedric Beust 2003-05-16

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