880 - Gegner im Dunkel
Enemies in the Dark
Clark Darlton

Harno informs Tifflor that after the Helk that attacked the Great Pyramid was destroyed, the individual pieces that were left are now reforming a smaller spaceship outside the Solar System. Boyt Margor receives this information through one of his spies and, afraid that Harno might detect him, attempts to have the energy creature destroyed. His attempt fails.

Both Tifflor and Margor decide to try to find the new Helk. Assisted by Harno, Tifflor is the first to locate the spaceship but when they are in its vicinity, Harno leaves the spaceship and enters the Helk, telling Tifflor that he has an important mission to fulfill. Margor's spaceship arrives near the Helk and the mutant attempts to have a mutiny start in Tifflor's spaceship. The Helk suddenly disappears with Harno on board, and Margor uses the confusion caused by his maneuver to escape.

Cedric Beust 2003-05-16

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