879 - Sturm auf Terra
Storm on Terra
Ernst Vlcek

The Two Loowians arrive in the Solar System and determine that the impulses are coming from the Earth. They hide the Helk near a Neptune moon but they don't realize that their spaceship has been noticed by the Terrans. The Loowians determine that the source of impulses is not an object but a human.

Margor sends Niki to the three mutants because he is realizing that the girl can become a threat for him on the long run. Suddenly, they are dematerialized and reappear in the Helk. They make contact with the Loowians and explain to them the history of the Earth. The Loowians now understand why the impulse didn't arrive in time: the Earth was in the Maelstrom of Stars when it was emitted. The Loowians bring Margor on board and the mutant reinforces the impulses, which reach Alkyra II.

On the Helk, Niki shows amazing skills of understanding the foreign technology. The Loowians send several spaceships toward the Earth in order to retrieve the artifact but they are destroyed by Terran defenses, assisted by Niki. Boyt Margor kills the two Loowians and then escapes.

On Alkyra II, there is great consternation as the Loowians realize that their flagship is lost. The item they are trying to retrieve is the key for them to enter the Matter Sources. They decide that the only way for them to retrieve the artifact is to send a whole out attack on the Earth.

Cedric Beust 2003-05-12

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