878 - Impulse aus dem Nichts
Impulse into the Void
Ernst Vlcek

The Ruin People, who call themselves the Loowians, is expecting an impulse from an unknown region of space. This impulse is emitted every 226,000 years but for the first time in their history, it is late. The Loowians are under the influence of a protoplasmic creature called the Duade and when they finally receive the impulse, they realize it has been altered. Two Loowians decide to investigate. Using the Helk, their flagship, they head toward the place where the impulse came from.

In Imperium Alpha, Tifflor receives the visit of Vargas Denner, a man who wants to create a special force destined to control the ongoing immigration destined to repopulate the Earth. Tifflor refuses and Denner, who is a para-slave of Boyt Margor, has to report his failure. Margor has been feeling increasingly sick lately because of strong psionic radiations. His mutant skill is forcing an accumulation of these radiations in his brain, and the only way he can survive is by off-loading the excess radiation into a seventeen-year old retarded girl called Niki, who thrives on psionic energy.

Howatzer, Vapido and Gedan find Margor and manage to get Niki's trust. They find out that the impulses that are disturbing Margor are coming from the pyramid of Gizeh, in Egypt. They try to convince Margor that he might turn into a psionic bomb and that he should leave the Earth, but Margor refuses and threatens to kill them. The three mutants are forced to flee.

Cedric Beust 2003-05-11

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