874 - Die Gravo-Hölle
Gravitational Hell
H.G. Francis

In his attempt to find Mordgahn, Plondfair finds a transmitter that rematerializes him in a station on the giant planet, under thousands of kilometers of deadly gases and surrounded by gravitational anomalies. In the station, Plondfair makes contact with Demeter and Borl, who just materialized there too. Since Demeter speaks fluently the Wyngian's native language, the three people manage to understand each other and try to find a way out of the station.

Listening to Plondfair's story, Demeter realizes that she used to be a Chosen One herself. Suddenly, Mordgahn and some of his robots appear and start shooting at them. As they are about to killed, different robots intervene and help them escape through a transmitter.

Cedric Beust 2003-05-06

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