873 - Die Manipulierten
The Manipulated
H.G. Francis

On the moon Starscho, Plondfair gets more proof that the Kryn priests are using the Universal Wheel to control the Wyngians. He tries to sabotage their installations but his attempt fails and he is deported to Valgerspare with his companion, Verthe. As Chosen Ones, they undergo a series of tests and finally meet with other Chosen Ones.

Their compatriots tell them that all Chosen Ones receive a prolonged life in order to fullfill their quest, which is to look for an Eye. Since thousands of years, all the Chosen Ones get sent across the universe to look for that Eye, but so far, nobody has been able to find it. Plondfair decides to escape, but in order to accomplish that, he must get rid of a guardian called Mordgahn.

Cedric Beust 2003-05-06

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