872 - Die Schattenwelt
The Shadow World
Hans Kneifel

Demeter and the rest of the expedition reach the coordinates where Pan-Thau-Ra is supposed to be, which turns out to be a very agitated region of space. They approach a dark planet called First Impression which turns out to be a trap. Their linear engines are neutralized and they crash on the planet.

They discover imprisoned Wyngians and manage to free them from robot guardians. During the battle, Demeter and Hytawath Borl disappear in a building which explodes shortly thereafter.

The Sol reaches First Impression and Rhodan is stunned when he realizes that a Terran shuttle is on the surface. The commando is rescued except for Demeter and Borl, who are believed to have died in the explosion. The Sol departs and soon meets with the Base, which Rhodan didn't know about.

Cedric Beust 2003-05-06

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