871 - Zentrum der Lüge
In the Middle of the Lie
William Voltz

During his escape, Plondfair receives the assistance of Painoth, who is part of a group of resistants. They transfer to Blostell, another moon of Valgerspare, and there, he learns that after they have been initiated on the main planet, the Chosen Ones are taken to a mysterious object in space that can only be seen during certain occasions. Plondfair learns about the existence of a clan called Suskohne, who used to make up most of the population of Chosen Ones. He is eventually captured by the Kryns.

In the Base, Hamiller is slowly breaking free of Boyt Margor's influence, but he also loses his knowledge of Demeter in the process. The Terrans decide to send an expedition to the coordinates where It told them the Pan-Thau-Ra was.

The Sol reaches Tschuschik, followed by Ganerc/Callibso and also Bulloc. The Timeless decides that the Fourth Incarnation is too much of a threat and he interrupts his trip to destroy it. Bulloc disappears as his sphere is turned into a black hole.

Cedric Beust 2003-05-06

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