868 - Aufbruch der BASIS
The Departure of the Base
Kurt Mahr

In April 3586, the Base leaves the Earth under the command of Payne Hamiller and Jentho Kanthall. Roi Danton, who has fallen in love with Demeter / Dunjia Varenczy, is also on board. One night, Hamiller overhears Demeter speaking in her sleep and mentioning that she has to look for an Eye, a quest that will eventually lead her in a city called Henoch. As the Base is leaving, Kershyll Vanne receives an alarming message from It saying "I tried to help but I failed. I came too close, and now I am falling into this extinct...".

In Drakrioch, Rhodan receives the same message from It and the Sol soon departs for Tschuschik.

On the Base, an entity named Dargist starts attacking the crew. It's a defense mechanism installed during the former Aphilian program that received the orders to destroy any non-Aphilian being. Augustus, the K2 robot, makes contact with Dargist and pretends the crew is under its command. The attacks stop.

Cedric Beust 2003-05-06

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