867 - Bardioc und die Kaiserin
Bardioc and the Empress
H.G. Francis

The survival system installed to keep Bardioc alive is slowly fading and the super-intelligence is dying, despite all the efforts of the Terran scientists. The Sol is now in the vicinity of Drackrioch but the Empress of Therm is not responding to Rhodan's desperate calls. The Sol is soon surrounded by a vast Hulkoo fleet led by Bulloc.

Rhodan asks Bardioc for his help, and the super-intelligence manages to gather some forces to cast a powerful psychic attack against his opponents. Realizing that Bardioc is still alive and that they have been duped by Bulloc, the Hulkoos turn against the Incarnation and damage its sphere.

Realizing that Bardioc is part of a greater being resulting from its fusion with the Sol, Seneca decides to act and manages to surround the brain of the super-intelligence with a protective field. However, Seneca now opposes the initial plan, which was to merge Bardioc and the Empress. It pretends that the association of Sol and Bardioc is destined to become a new super-intelligence.

Rhodan begins to realize that all this time, he has been manipulated by the Empress of Therm, who had predicted that he would be able to awake Bardioc and thereby, destroy him. Thanks to the help of the two robots Romeo and Juliet, Bardioc manages to get rid of Seneca's protective field. Bardioc's brain is then sent on Drackrioch where he finally merges with the Empress of Therm.

Severely wounded, Bulloc manages to capture a Hulkoo spaceship and to force its crew to drop him off on a planet.

Cedric Beust 2003-05-06

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