863 - Die schlafende Göttin
The Sleeping Goddess
H.G. Francis

Payne Hamiller arrives at the dig in Crete where he is shown the latest findings: a huge room has been uncovered. Inside, they find the sarcophagus of a young woman, identified as Demeter, the Goddess of Fertility. Under the psychic influence of Boyt Margor, Hamiller has the sarcophagus moved to South Africa for further examination.

In Durban, a girl called Jandra Kays forces her way into the new location of the sarcophagus. She pretends to be Persephona, Demeter's daughter. Boyt Margor assumes that a signal was sent when they moved the sarcophagus, taking the young woman under its influence. Convinced that she knows how to revive Demeter, Margor orders Jandra to open the sarcophagus, but the young woman, who seems immune to Margor's influence, refuses. A fight ensues, in which Kays gets killed.

Margor forces the sarcophagus open and the psychic blast that results kills all the scientists. The mutant flees with Demeter, still in a coma. The three mutants on Margor's tracks arrive at the laboratory but it's too late, Margor is gone.

Cedric Beust

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