862 - Eiswind der Zeit
The Icy Wind of Time
Clark Darlton

On the Earth, Tifflor receives a message for help from Harno, who is still in Gaia. Worried, Tifflor dispatches Homer Adams coupled with the consciousness of Betty Toufry to Provcon-Faust. Hotrenor-Taak volunteers to join them.

In Gaia, Harno has developed an area around himself that Hotrenor-Taak identifies as a time bubble. Harno asks Hotrenor-Taak to take him to Mugnammor, a planet two hundred light years away. When they get there, Harno's time bubble expands and both of them are hurled eight thousand years in the past, on the Earth.

Harno and Hotrenor-Taak witness a ceremony on the island of Crete where a woman called Demeter, and obviously not of Terran origin, is receiving gifts from natives adoring her.

In the present, Homer Adams and Betty Toufry arrive on Mugnammor and after being sent to a more recent past themselves, they return to the present where they install a project that soon brings back Hotrenor-Taak and Harno to the present. Harno says that what happened was caused by an entity that he can't identify. Hotrenor-Taak then leaves for an unknown destination.

On the Earth, Czerk Matzlew, the archeologist in charge of the dig in Crete, tells Tifflor that he unearthed a huge room. Tifflor leaves for Crete.

Cedric Beust

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