861 - Gehirntransport
Brain Transportation
William Voltz

Before he leaves the planet, Bulloc instructs the Hulkoos to attack the Terrans and to destroy Bardioc. The Hulkoo commander is baffled by this order and he decides to contact the Terrans to clarify the situation. Perry Rhodan meets with him and explains the recent events. Realizing that Bardioc as he knew it no longer exists, the Hulkoo commander calls off the attack.

Callibso finally finds Bardioc's brain and the transfer to the Sol starts. However, the Solanians are resolutely opposed to the operation and Rhodan has to negociate with them in order to complete the mission. He promises them that soon, he will give them the Sol, but that they need to take Bardioc to the Empress of Therm first. The Solanians comply reluctantly.

The Sol heads out toward Drackrioch, however, Bardioc is now beginning to realize the extent of what he has done and he attempts to commit suicide several times. Realizing that Bardioc's attempts might endanger the Sol, Rhodan tries to communicate with the brain and finally gets his attention. More discussions follow and Rhodan slowly gains Bardioc's confidence, who is beginning to realize that there might be a future for him once they reach the Empress of Therm's sphere of influence.

Rhodan manages to get the coordinates of Bardioc's spore ship and as he is about to leave, asks if the ship has a name. Bardioc answers Pan Thau Ra.

Cedric Beust

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