860 - Rückkehr des Zeitlosen
The Return of the Timeless
William Voltz

Perry Rhodan is now participating actively in Bardioc's dream. He tries to send him a message and warn him that Bulloc is trying to destroy him, but he can't find a direct way to talk to the super-intelligence. He decides to influence the dream by planting images coming from the past of the Terrans: the Masters of the Island, the Supermutant, Anti-It, the Takerians and the Ulebs. However, Bardioc seems to refuse the realities that Rhodan is trying to superimpose.

Ganerc-Callibso lands on Bardioc's planet and meets with Bulloc. He quickly understands that the incarnation has become an enemy of Bardioc and tells him he doesn't intend to help him find the brain. Ganerc learns that Rhodan is also on the planet and while he never met him directly, he remembers hearing his name while he was the guardian of the Swarm. When Bulloc realizes that he won't get Ganerc to help him and that he can't kill him either because the Timeless is wearing the Suit of Annihilation, he flies off and resumes his search for Bardioc.

Ganerc is then contacted by Kytoma, who is sent by Kemoauc. She is the new guardian of the Swarm. Kytoma is actively looking for her people, who were once manipulated by the Timeless but finally broke free, and then decided to go beyond the Matter Sources. Kytoma never heard from them since then and is afraid that they might have disappeared in a Matter Sink. Kytoma promises Ganerc that she will help Bardioc recover his spore-ship so that the fragile balance between Matter Sources and Matter Sinks don't get destabilized.

Rhodan's vision of the Ulebs finally wakes Bardioc up. His influence on the Baby Majesties immediately ceases and across his Sphere of Influence, hundreds of races suddenly recover their freedom. Ganerc-Callibso finally meets Rhodan and tells him that they must help Bardioc in order to recover his spore ship.

Guided by the strong mental impulses broadcast by Bardioc and Bulloc, the Sol locates Bardioc's planet and reaches its orbit. Informed of the situation by Kytoma, the mutants form a powerful psy-block and chase Bulloc, who runs away.

A shuttle picks up Rhodan who tells his friends that he wants to take Bardioc's brain to the Empress of Therm.

Cedric Beust

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