858 - Die BASIS
The Base
Kurt Mahr

In January 3586, the various components of the Base are placed in orbit by Nathan and they are then put together. The assembled piece is twelve kilometers in diameter and three kilometers high. The Base is soon fitted with a fleet of spaceships.

Kershyll Vanne receives a call from It and informs the Terrans that they should head for the galaxy Tschuschik, two hundred million light years away, to search for Pan Thau Ra. Vanne makes the connection between the name of the mysterious entity and the myth of Pandora.

Boyt Margor, still kept informed by Hamiller, decides to steal the Base. He has some of his mutants sent over to the Moon. Howatzer, Vapido and Gedan, still chasing Margor, realize what the mutant is up to and try to warn Tifflor. Tifflor is not convinced but decides to go to the Moon and talk to Hamiller.

Cedric Beust

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